The United State of Women

The United State of Women is a Summit being convened by the White House to rally all of us together to achieve gender equality.

My team and I had the privilege of designing the branding for the summit, make the film to promote it, build the website, roll out the social and not to mention meet all these incredible women. 


The Film

The Case Study


For Social

Anyone could make a pledge to what they are going to stand out against to better the cause and keep the momentum building. Along with pledges, we used quotes from the women involved in our film to help spread the word. 



This is a place online where anyone could get info about the Summit, apply to attend the Summit, learn about the topics The White House believed in the fight for women's rights. People could also follow along on the Blog where we featured articles of people making strides in the movement. 



Press yeah!

Oh, so much press. It has been humbling to see so many organizations come together to work towards one common goal, equality. 

Then This Happened...

As a thank you, Present Obama wanted to meet us to thank us in person for all our hard work. A surprise of a lifetime. Ask me about my embarrassing blackout moment.